Bosh is a physical platform helping to keep print alive! We work to curate and create underground and independent art in a safe cosy space away from the dark, disconnected, damp quagmire of social media. We try to get art seen not just scrolled past!

We love underground comics and zine culture and if we can keep on growing the epic support we've had so far, we can level up charging into the future with our flaming sword blazing through the night.  Maybe one day soon we could see our tiny zine evolve into a heroic beast of a magazine, representing the UK's independent underground art scene, commanding the awe and respect it deserves.  

We’re all about collaboration - Each zine features tons of exceptional independent artists and journalists and we're always looking for more. We couldn't do it without you, massive thanks to everyone involved so far, you are the best.

 If you want to get involved please get in touch!